I’ve sat to write a few of my key takeaways on B2B sales for technical startups and I hope these will help early-stage founders get a better understanding of how to approach the art of revenue creation.

Sales operations at early-stage startups is a tough, fascinating journey. I have myself experienced it when I was amongst the founders of ICS², a startup which developed a unique solution for Industrial Control Systems cyber-protection. I was in charge of Sales and, looking back at it today I understand that…

Yesterday, we were happy to announce Grove Ventures’ Seed investment in env0 (‘env-zero’), the world’s first Infrastructure-as-Code self-service cloud management platform for AWS, Azure and GCP.

So why env0?

  • A clear value proposition that solves a new and growing problem. Shifting to microservices and cloud native architectures has made cloud…

Omri Green

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